City Modern Ensemble

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December -Dickens of a Christmas downtown Roanoke


December 16-Dickens of a Christmas downtown Roanoke

November 19-The Tinker Informal Performance.  Equilibrium=Death by Liza Deck

October 28 and 29-Halloween Happening-Dances based on haunting works of visual art.  Choreography by Andrew Caudill, Renae Dower, Liza Deck, Christina Hale-Roberts and Chris Hopson

October 15-The Tinker Informal Performance.  Silhouettes by Christina Hale-Roberts

September 11-St. Francis of Assisi Fund Raiser

April 16-The Tinker Informal Performance.  Concrete Feet by Christina Hale Roberts

April 2-Performance with Steemgeek Traveler 

March 19-The Tinker informal Performance.  Dimensional Resonance by Liza Deck

February 20-The Tinker Informal Performance.  Spooky Action at a Distance Improvisation with Blue Ridge New Music Collaborative

June 2, 3 and 4-Spooky Action at a Distance-Collaboration with Blue Ridge New Music Collaborative.  Choreography by Andrew Caudill, Liza Deck, Shaleigh Fairbanks and Christina Hale-Roberts. 


December-Dickens of a Christmas downtown Roanoke

November 21-The Tinker Informal Performance

October 23 and 24-Nevermore-Dances based on the life and writings of Edgar Allan Poe.  Choreography by Liza Deck and Christina Hale-Roberts

October 17-The Tinker Informal Performance

April 18-Tinker Informal Performance, Improvisation

April 3-Rhizomaticp-Modern Dance Connections. Choreography by Andrew Caudill, Liza Deck and Christina Hale-Roberts

March 21-Tinker Informal Performance, Deeply Missed by all Who Knew Her by Liza Deck



Nov 2-Dracula, choreography by Sandra Meythaler

Oct 24 & 25-Nth Halloween Happening, choreography by Andrew Caudill, Liza Deck and Christina Hale Roberts

Oct 18-Tinker Informal Performance, Inuksuits by Liza Deck

May 5-Performance in Route 11 Dance Festival in Lexington, VA, Ellipses by Liza Deck and Flying and Flocking by Andrew Caudill 

April 11-Performance with Steemgeek Traveler, full season rep

March 22-Tinker Informal Performance, Lightning by Ashley Garman


September 21, Tinker Informal Performance, excerpts from The Case of the Frightened Lady by Liza Deck

November 2, Halloween Happening : Just Wait Until Dark.  Choreography by Andrew Caudill, Liza Deck and Christina Hale-Roberts.

December 6, Dicken's of a Christmas

December 20, Dicken's of a Christmas

December 21, Snowshoe Resort Evening of Disco 

June 8, Cinderella Ballet: Statues choreographed by Sandra Meythaler

May 24, Fleming, select rep

April 29 and 30, Radford University, select rep

April 20-Tinker Informal Performance, Improvisation with audience participation

March 23-Performance with Steemgeek Traveler, full season rep

March 16-Tinker Informal Performance, DRIFTING by Liza Deck and FLYING AND FLOCKING by Andrew Caudill

March 16-St. Patrick's Day Celebration, Irish Reel

March 10-City Market Building Performance, Improvisation and rep

February 24-City Market Performance, Improvisation and rep

February 16-Tinker Informal Performance, TRUE ROMANTIC by Liza Deck

February 2-Tons of Fun Performance

January 27-City Market Building Performance, Improvisation and rep


 December 15-Magic Toy Shop, wolves in the night

November 17-Tinker Informal Performance

October 26 and 27-Circus of the Night. an evening with a ghost circus.

September 22-The Tinker Showcase, world premiere of Invocation

Rebels Vs. Yankees-Bringing to life the comic interpretation of the civil war by  artist Wayne Wright


June 15 & 16-Napoli staged by Sandra Meythaler

June 9-Spring Showcase with the Roanoke Ballet Theatre and guests

Hill, Jig, Pella, SWF, Starry Starry Night, Wedding dance

Shake it Out-Choreography by Christina Hale Roberts

June-Downtown improv with a variety of artist 

May 4-Blues Elixir-Collaboration with band Steemgeek Traveller

Hill-A large group piece exploring the art of getting over it.  Choreography by Liza Deck

Jig-An energetic and mysterious large group dance.  Choreography by Liza Deck

Pella-Chance improvisation with music collage by Liza Deck

SWF-A duet of a stalking.  Choreography by Liza Deck

Summertime-A duet of passionate lopsided love.  Choreography by Liza Deck

Starry Starry Night=A dance celebrating the life of Vincent Van Gogh.  Choreography by Andrew Caudill

Wedding Dance-A celebration of the occasion.  Choreography by Liza Deck 

 April-Absurdist midnight tennis display by Claire Elizabeth Barrat in the (RE)happening of Asheville, NC



Fall 2011

October through December-Multiple Soundsuit invasions animating the work of artist Nick Cave

October 28-Halloween Happening

ptf11kly-brought on by the supernova.  Choreography by Liza Deck

Sleep Tight-Based on the singlular statement written by Mr. J.D. Salinger.  Choreography by Liza Deck

Whoodoo-A voodoo dance to get the audience in the right frame of mind.  Choreography by Liza Deck

Skeletons-Digging out of the heart break.  Choreography by Christina Hale Roberts

Chiaroscuro-A dance observing the contrast.  Choreography by Liza Deck and Christna Hale Roberts



May-Roanoke Ballet Theatre Spring Showcase

Love Triptych-Exalting Love in all its many 

         Almost Lover-Choreography by Christina Hale Roberts  

April-Dances for Peace

A heartfelt wish this evening of dance was a response to the continuing unrest in the world. 


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